Louvre glass, also known as jalousie glass, is a type of window made up of horizontal slats that can be tilted to adjust airflow and light. This specialized type of glass is ideal for hot and humid climates where ventilation is critical without compromising security. The louvers are typically operated with a handle or crank mechanism that allows the user to open or close the slats individually or together.

Louvre glass has several benefits for indoor environments such as reducing condensation buildup, providing enhanced natural lighting and improving air quality by increasing air circulation.

One drawback of this type of window is that it may reduce thermal insulation in colder regions, leading to higher energy costs during winter months.

However, advancements in double glazing technology have improved the insulation properties of louvre windows in recent years making them a viable option for homes and buildings worldwide.

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GlassType: Obscure, Brown Karatachi, Blue; Size:24", 30",36"


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