Louvre frame

A Louvre frame is a type of architectural feature that typically consists of several vertical slats or panels arranged side-by-side to create a series of adjustable openings in a building’s exterior walls or windows.

These openings are designed to allow for ventilation and light control, and can be adjusted by users to regulate temperature and lighting conditions within a room or space. Louvre frames can come in a variety of sizes, materials, and designs, from traditional wooden frames to more modern aluminum or composite options.

In addition to their functional benefits, louvre frames can also add aesthetic appeal to a building’s design, offering both an interesting visual element as well as practical functionality.

Overall, the use of louvre frames has become increasingly popular in modern architecture due to their versatility, energy-efficient design, and ability to optimize indoor comfort while reducing energy costs.

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Louvre FrameSizes: 3blade,4blade,5blade,6blade,7blade,8blade,10blade; Types: Galvanized Plastic and Aluminium Plastic


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